Employment Contracts

Employment law deals with numerous issues, such as employment contract, discrimination, Breach of employment contract, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, employee rights, employment application and information gathering, principal and agent relationship, vicarious liability, independent contractor and labor law,

It is most likely that every employed person would at least be prompted to know the employment rights. It is also vital to get your employment contract reviewed by a legal representative prior to signing the document.

Should one need a legal professional help in dealing with any of the above issue, one can consider calling His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation either by dialing 416-757-2525 or visiting our web site at www.masterslegal.com and sending an email. We represent our clients with employment law matters in Toronto and surrounding. We deal with Toronto Small Claims court and Labor Tribunals.

Get and call us; don’t give up your rights!

Get and call us; don’t give up your rights!

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