Employment Contracts

The employees applying for WSIB benefits may choose to contact us for the followings aspects: learn about your rights and responsibilities including benefit entitlement, return to work and recovery, and compliance. The applicant can possibly seek for the following benefits:

  • Benefits for loss of earning
  • Benefits for non economic loss
  • Loss of Retirement income Benefit
  • Benefit for future economic loss
  • Health care benefits

In addition, one can also apply under Survivor Benefit Program. Under this program there are specialized services to workers, and dependants affected by certain serious occupational illnesses. If you are a spouse or dependant of a worker who died as a result of a workplace injury or illness, you can contact the WSIB to claim survivor benefits.

If the applicant disagrees with a decision that the WSIB have made, WSIB offers a variety of resolution processes. His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation assists those who are applying for WSIB benefits in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa. Furthermore, one also call in for free consultation by dialing 416-757-2525.

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