eviction notice

The landlord could legally evict a tenant under certain circumstances. The eviction notice would be given only after filing the Notice of Termination with the board. Having filed the notice of termination with the number of days required prior to filing Eviction Notice.

The landlord could also apply for expedited eviction based on certain circumstances. If you are the landlord you have to know the proper procedure involving filing such Eviction Notices.

Expedited eviction order
Subject to clause 83 (1) (b), the Board shall, in an order made under section 69 based on a notice given under subsection 61

  1. that involves an illegal act, trade, business or occupation described in clause 61
  2. (a) or based on a notice given under section 63, 65 or 66, request that the sheriff expedite the enforcement of the order. 2006, c. 17, s. 84.

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