Landlord’s in the province of Ontario must pay attention to Part 111 of the Residential Tenancy Act that covers the Landlord’s responsibilities. In addition, Landlords govern their conduct to abide the established rules of the Residential Tenancy Act. The communication between the Landlord and Tenant must be performed respectfully and civil like manner. Any use of profane language, disrespectful use of word, denying responsibilities, ridiculing the culture of the tenant and threats could lead to very serious consequences. Every Landlord in Toronto and the surrounding could contact His Master’s Legal Services prior to responding the tenants request.

Lastly, the Landlord’s response had to be in timely manner. There are various stages of tenancy requires the landlord to act in proper manner.

Residential Tenancy Act.  PART III



20. Landlord’s responsibility to repair

21. Landlord’s responsibility re services

22. Landlord not to interfere with reasonable enjoyment

23. Landlord not to harass, etc.

24. Changing locks

25. Privacy

26. Entry without notice

27. Entry with notice

28. Entry by canvassers

29. Tenant applications

30. Order, repair, comply with standards

31. Other orders res. 29

32. Eviction with termination order

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