Boards and Tribunals in Toronto Ontario dealing with Human Rights, Employment Law and Landlord and Tenants:

The employment and resulting issues, such as, Breach of Contract, Wrongful dismissal, Constructive dismissal, Unpaid wages, Toxic/Poisoned work environment, Harassment involving mental and sexual are few common causes for action that are frequently become part of the pleadings.

At the outset of the employment case, Licensed Paralegals in Toronto dealing with employment law or Licensed Paralegals dealing with employment-related legal cases must know whether the workplace is Unionized. Secondly, the jurisdiction of the employment issue, such as issues closely connected to Work Place Safety and Insurance Board, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Small Claims Court in Ontario.

Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario are designed to deal with any residential tenancy issues that are within the scope of the Residential Tenancy Act. Often, the applicants underestimate the complexity and the technicality in filling out and filing the Notices and Applications. In addition, getting ready for the hearing and presenting your applications are very tedious tasks. There are self-represented landlords continue to experience their applications dismissed as a result of the error in the Notice(s) served.

There are Paralegals and Paralegals in Toronto dedicated their work in representing landlords and tenants in the Toronto Region. His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation is representing landlords with their issues such as non-payment of rent, interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of the property, illegal acts, impairing safety of the landlord and other tenants, persistently paying the rent late are some of such issues. Similarly, His Master’s Legal Services Professional Corporation is also representing tenants facing harassment, illegal rent increase, violation of tenants’ rights, failure to maintain the rental unit for habitation.

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