Why should you hire a Small Claims Court Paralegal for small claims court issues:

The Small Claims Courts in Ontario are established to address civil dispute involving small amount of money as defined by the monetary jurisdiction of the Court. The current monetary jurisdiction is $25,000.00. Small Claims Courts in Toronto region deals with civil dispute involving financial damages arising out of unpaid loan, renovation/construction dispute, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and conversion are just few examples for cause of actions in Small Claims courts in Toronto.

The legal action can be commenced by individuals as self-represented parties or with the assistance of a Licensed Paralegal in good standing.  Since the Small Claims Court system is lesser complex than a Superior Court system; it is often considered People’s Court. However; individuals who had their experience in the Small Claims Court will tell you to hire a Paralegal to represent you. This is due to the amount of work and complexity of the legal procedure.

The Small Claims Courts in Ontario are often represented by licensed Small Claims Court Paralegals due to inexpensive nature in retaining a Paralegal. Paralegals in Toronto and in the rest of Ontario are permitted to represent parties in Small Claims Courts in Ontario. The Paralegals in Ontario are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario, previously known as Law Society of Upper Canada.

The Small Claims Court Paralegals are enriched by their legal knowledge obtained through rigorous training, experienced through the exposure to the Small Claims Court System and assisted by their staffs in doing legal research on any given topics involving Small Claims Courts in Ontario.

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